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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Digital and Social Trends for 2012

It's a new year, and for many digital rainmakers, a fresh budget to pursue the best strategies to influence the online raindance in 2012. Digital marketing and social media have evolved and marketers are looking for ways to be more targeted, efficient in their approach to an increasingly digital savvy consumer. Here are five of the 2012 trends we believe will have the greatest impact:

1). Deeper consumer insights from social behaviors
Rainmakers will learn a lot more about Facebook and Twitter users, helping them understand their behaviors while using these popular social platforms.That will lead to the creation of new advertising properties and campaigns will be crafted to lead with social media concepts, rather than using the channel as an afterthought.

2). Birth of "F" and "T" commerce
With better and more targeted consumer behavior data, brands on Facebook and Twitter will create commerce tabs and sections to make it easier to drive conversions based on the content being shared by fans and followers.
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