Thursday, August 9, 2012

YuMe Video With Marketing Layers

Television has long dominated the video advertising platform, but with the advent of multiple screens and an increasing number of consumers opting to view favorite shows, segments, specials and other interesting video content online at their leisure, video marketers have not only increased their investments in digital video networks, but also have been eager to increase the mileage they get from their video content. A new video technology platform developed by YuMe transforms simple video messages into rich, interactive cross marketing channels. YuMe ads, which can also be served up via its digital video network, retrofit video players on sites with its patented ACE platform. The platform creates capabilities such as real-time campaign optimization, advanced targeting, and high-impact ad units like its Triple Play, which pairs a short pre-roll with an end slate that features a menu of options for viewers to engage with the advertiser’s brand. Rainmakers can use the end slate to let users watch
additional videos, learn about promotional offers, or even interact with the brand through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. For publishers, YuMe offers enterprise software that makes it easier for them to sell its video inventory and the option to monetize some of its inventory through the YuMe ad network. Major publishers like MSN, Fox News and Funny or Die have already equipped their video players with ACE tools. YuMe has changed the video ad network business model because today most operate by purchasing inventory from publishers at one price and selling it to advertisers at a mark-up. YuMe is banking on its ACE technology platform to deliver greater results for its customers, be they brand advertisers or publishers, by delivering higher impact video ads.

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