Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have Digital, Will Travel

More than 85 percent of travelers use their smartphones while on vacationToday's traveller is increasingly digitally savvy and social to boot. They research online for deals and read expert travel blogs before they decide on a travel package that suits them, share their experiences while on vacation, broadcast visits on geo-targeted apps and complete reviews once they return. Travel product and service Rainmakers should realize that most travellers are always on, giving them multiple touch points to generate and encourage trial. If the spa package offered didn't produce an online conversion prior to the trip, a location-based incentive just might do the trick. Or you can encourage the traveller to participate and share a brand fan page contest for a chance to experience an attraction or restaurant before they leave. Rest and relaxation may be what the doctor ordered, but the truth, according to Lab42 research, is that more than 85 percent of travellers still turn on their smartphones while on vacation. They mainly use them to:

  • Snap photos
  • Use map features
  • Search for good restaurants nearby
  • Search for activities and attractions
  • Flight check ins

At least 4 of the 5 activities are targetable Rainmakers.

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