Monday, July 30, 2012

Create "Digital" For Multiple Screens

Develop ad campaigns for multiple screens
When Rainmakers think about maximizing efficiencies in their digital advertising campaigns, it's not like they can just consult a "digital" standard. The myriad of online and mobile advertising platforms, such as the tablet, smartphone and laptop, all use different technologies that don't easily share data. That leaves marketers struggling to piece together data to execute campaigns and that burns a lot of time and money and impacts the instant feedback that makes digital advertising so compelling. So to be efficient and maximize ROI, marketers need to keep a few things top of mind when they develop their digital campaigns.

-Develop a campaign for multiple screens
In order for digital brand messages to really stand out, marketers have to develop ad experiences that consistently reflect the brand's identity. Managing creative development with this important consideration in mind will increase conversions.

-Assess campaign performance across a three-screen view
Digital media provides marketers great insights and performance metrics, but when marketers rely on multiple channels to push digital messages, it can be difficult to analyze results in any meaningful way unless they've approached campaign performance holistically across all screens and understand exactly how ads are performing across PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices.

-Optimize campaigns in real time
When a marketer sees that its campaign is performing better on tablets and smartphones than on PC, he or she should quickly optimize the campaign to divert more ad budget from low-performance devices to better-performing devices. The key is the ability to compare the real-time performance of different screens in one dashboard view. 

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