Sunday, July 22, 2012

Social Intranets Promote Unique Culture

Companies should start by making their own intranets more socialEvery company strives to build its own unique culture, an environment that sets them apart and helps build a sense of team among its employees. The rise of social media usage has prompted many firms to develop policies that guide employee engagement on external networks. But now many firms have realized that encouraging employees to be social within its own work environment can help promote better collaboration and teamwork. At American Electric Power, its intranet is much more than a place for employees to read the chairman's message. With an objective to inspire employees to post comments and engage them in a two-way dialogue, AEP's social intranet features include the ability to:

  • Comment on "Employee of the Day” photos. 

  • Create a profile with personal information, such as hobbies.

  • Follow, recommend, thank or congratulate a colleague by clicking on links on the person’s profile that take you to tools such as e-cards and kudos.

  • Contribute ideas and solutions to problems that are sponsored by executives.
The future of company intranets will be more participatory — possibly including safety alerts and other up-to-the-minute information — and more mobile. Employees might have a hand-held device, that not only allows them to update their status on Facebook, but have access to their company's social intranet.

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