Friday, December 9, 2011

SEO Spiders Are Night Owls

Spiders like to crawl all over your site at night
SEO Spiders feed at night
 In the early days of search engine optimization (SEO) vendors howled at prospects about the importance of "optimizing" their websites for search engines. Interactive content generators created copy that was often hard to read or understand, because they were writing for Internet robots called "Spiders". But what they didn't count on was that these search engine Spiders would eventually become too sophisticated to be hoodwinked by clever website developers, whose efforts to achieve higher organic search rankings for their clients, were soon doomed. Today, SEO continues to be an important tool for Digital Rainmakers, but it has come of age. To achieve higher page rankings in organic search these days, it's all about compelling and fresh content. That's not to say keyword research is not important, because everything users do on the web has an impact on search. Yet, it's the content that will keep those Spiders coming back for more from your site or blog. And here are a couple of other great SEO tips from some really smart folks at HubSpot:
  1. Build, not buy, links to your site by producing great, fresh content.
  2. Don't forget the local element of your product/service when you do your keyword research. Lot's of folks conducting mobile, geo-targeted search these days.
  3. Schedule the publishing of your posts early in the week and day for optimum linkbuilding.
  4. Publish on the weekends and evenings, as research shows SEO spider engines are night owls.


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    1. Thanks for your comments Andie and appreciate your categorization of our posts as original white label SEO contents.


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