Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Static Banner Ads Ignored

Most Internet users visit a website and are almost desensitized to static, banner ads on the pages. Click through statistics demonstrate that today a standard banner ad is not enough to engage site visitors. Not surprisingly, Digital Rainmakers are using more dynamic display ad formats such as rich media and video to improve their user engagement. Based on a global study by MediaMind which looked at click- through impressions over a year period, video ads kept site visitors engaged more than five seconds longer than rich media ads. But the key strategic takeaway for Rainmakers is that increased engagement on both ad formats was significantly better when marketers used "dynamic creative optimization," a process that allows Rainmakers to serve customized sets of ad creative based on audience targeting data. With dynamic creative optimization, advertisers can determine the most relevant and best-performing creative down to the individual viewer level. A second tactic also found to enhance engagement is "ad syncing," which allows advertisers to place multiple rich displays on a page to drive site visitor engagement. When these ads complemented each other, users viewed the marketing message with a more cohesive and relevant mindset. So Rainmakers should take heed and replace those standard, static banner ads with more rich media and video ad displays, increasing their brand's relevancy through the use of dynamic creative optimization and ad syncing.

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