Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Social With Recipe Communities

With Thanksgiving Day 2011 upon us, there will be many first time turkey preparers swinging into action this short Holiday week. For many, preparing the traditional turkey dinner is a time to bond with parents and grandparents and pay special attention to their special turkey preparation tips and guidance. Thanksgiving kicks off one of the most social periods of the year, when family and friends gather to spend quality time together. Preparing traditional Holiday dinners for large groups can be a little intimidating for those who don't have more experienced relatives in the kitchen with them. But in today's digital world, these novice chefs can get the advice and support of many by being social online. With an Internet-connected laptop on the counter next to their oven proof thermometer, they can access video rich online recipe communities where they can watch step by step guides on how to roast the perfect juicy, golden brown bird. Online communities like encourage members to comment on their recipes, upload and share recipes and food preparation videos of their own, making them part of a Holiday sharing tradition that radiates from their homes and across the Worldwide Web.

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