Monday, November 21, 2011

WeReward Encourages "Oinking"

Rainmakers closely study their cost per sale metrics to ensure they're being efficient about the way they're marketing their product. Sales volume is great, but not at the expense of healthy, profitable margins. Now, a  new mobile marketing app is bringing customer engagement down to a cost per action. Izea's WeReward   mobile marketing platform allows customers who check in to a store, post a photo of a product they've just purchased on their social networks to earn points redeemable for cash. WeReward calls those actions "oinking" and those who do a lot more of it, get oinker rewards with points that can quickly add up to additional dollars in their PayPal accounts. It's a platform that's fully customizable for advertisers, because they can create more formal relationships with their most loyal customers by making them brand ambassadors or increasing their rewards levels and discounts. How much would you pay to have an oinker with a Facebook following of more than 10,000 friends post a picture of your newly-launched leather handbag? Or for luring that oinker to check-in at your restaurant, where's he/she's bound to order at least a drink? Pennies on the dollar may have you smiling at the cost per action and subsequent impact on cost per sale. 

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