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Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's Digital Class Boosts Learning

I attended my daughter's high school open house this week and was impressed by how the digital media transformation has impacted education. There was zero exchange of paper. No class handouts, guidelines or rules to carry around from class to class. Instead, every classroom was equipped with a healthy size LCD screen to run the Apple TV platform. Teachers, who grew up using beepers, used  iPad touch screens to give brief presentations on their classroom objectives, teaching strategies and student expectations. Their fingers slid across a touch screen for everything they needed to share, with no need to uncap a white board marker, let alone white chalk. But the coolest thing about the school's new platform was  the instructor's ability to engage students in learning, using interactive apps with immediate feedback on their inputs. For example, in Anatomy, students were using a 3-D app that featured 360-degree views of all of the human body systems. Using their own individual iPads, students are asked

Monday, June 11, 2012

Scrolling Magazine Pages Saliva Free

Popular digital magazine titles are all available on one Android and iPad appMagazine publishers have now made it easier for consumers to purchase the digital versions of their favorite publications designed for both Android and iPad tablets with the launch of the unlimited newsstand. The new service allows readers to get access to a variety of titles through a single subscription on the "Unlimited" Android app, including Better Homes and Gardens, Fortune, Glamour, The New Yorker, Esquire and many more. The app provides a common interface for all titles, with interactive features like “carousel” scrolling to get a quick view of what’s in a particular issue, as well as online video, exclusive photos, and links to other information online. Rainmakers can still rely on insightful metrics about digital titles, as the the Magazine Publisher's Association has asked digital publishers to report things like total number of tablet readers per issue, total number of sessions per issue, total time spent per reader per issue and the average number of sessions per reader per issue.
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