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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Digital Feast With Super Bowl Spend

Super Bowl ads are expensive, sometimes run as much as $4 million for 30 seconds of media time before any production costs, agency fees or celebrity endorsements. But these highly impactful spots still deliver more than 100 million viewers at a single time — and instantly become part of the American culture and water cooler banter. Just for fun, Digiday recently published an article highlighting all the things a digital rainmaker could do with that level of marketing spend online. Here's what they reported:

A portal roadblock every day for at least a week
AOL, Yahoo and other major publishers sell day-long homepage takeovers for around $500,000. That means $4 million could ensure a brand's ads are plastered all over a major homepage non-stop for at least a week.

More than 100 million video impressions on Hulu
Hulu sells its video ad inventory at about a $30 cost per thousand.

200 pieces of BuzzFeed-sponsored content
Agencies say BuzzFeed typically charges about $100,000 for four or five pieces of branded content. Based on that figure, $4 million would buy a lot of branded content.

An eight-day YouTube homepage ad
Instead of a Super Bowl ad you could buy out YouTube’s homepage ad units for at least 10 days, based on a price tag of up to $500,000 per day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Team Ready For NFL Social

For the first time in Super Bowl history, the NFL will set up a social media command centerAs if on cue, the NFL announced that it will establish its first ever social media command center where fans of the big Super Bowl XLVI matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants in Indianapolis this Sunday will be able to ask questions and receive answers leading up to the anticipated showdown. From a facility in Indianapolis, the NFL's social media super team will provide directions, to-do around town suggestions and other important game logistics information. Local digital marketing firm Raidious is managing the 50-member team, which also includes journalism/telecommunications college majors from various Indiana universities. The strategy is to have one team focused on social media management and moderation, while the other develops content for posts on all the events and activities that surround the game.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Coke Cheers" - Delivering A Digital Heart Tug

When "Mean" Joe Greene of the 1980s Pittsburgh Steelers tossed a kid his game jersey in exchange for an ice cold Coke, the brand made an emotional connection with fans. Today, the brand continues to look for ways to connect with its customers in a meaningful way and has launched a cause-related digital promotion called "Coke Cheers" to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Like next week's big Super Bowl game, the Coke Cheers campaign pits the Pittsburgh Steelers fans against the Green Bay Packers supporters in a challenge to see which group can create and upload more Coke product-inspired photos. Each entry generates a $1 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs, is displayed and adds a point to the contributing team at the Coke Cheers website. So far the Packers lead the Steelers 577 to 507, but there's still a week left before the big game!
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