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Friday, March 24, 2023

The Sweetness of Easter

While Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians around the world, the Holiday is also eagerly anticipated every year by children and "adult children" for its secular traditions like the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts,
and candy consumption.

The Easter Bunny tradition is believed to have arrived in America in the 1700s through German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. Their children made nests for Hares to lay their colored eggs. Eventually, the custom spread across the country and Easter morning deliveries expanded to include chocolate and other types of candy and gifts, while decorated baskets replaced nests.

Somewhere along the line adults started hiding these Easter eggs to create fun Easter egg hunts. In modern-day egg hunts, hollow, colored plastic eggs are often stuffed with candy, or in some cases, currency and coins. In fact, after Halloween, Easter is the second best candy-selling Holiday in the country. And according to the National Confectioners Association, more than 16 billion jelly beans are made in the U.S. each year for Easter.


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