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Friday, September 9, 2011

Millennials Live To Share

I have three Millennials (12-34) at home to understand better, but this generation also represents a market size greater than the Boomers (47-65) and three times the size of Generation Xers (35-46). Digital marketers must be fluent in Millennial, as this generation of customers' purchasing power continues to grow, especially online. According to the "American Millennials" study recently conducted by Barkley, with Service Management Group and The Boston Consulting Group, Millennials, have the highest awareness and exposure to campaigns through social media platforms and 70 percent reported feeling more excited when their friends agreed with them about where to shop, eat and play. That's important because more than 30 percent reported liking brands who interact with them on Facebook and Twitter. Fifty percent of them are using their mobile phones to research while shopping and 82 percent opt to watch movies on either their laptops or DVR. These are very insightful statistics for marketers and I can personally corroborate them all, given what I see at home.
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