Thursday, January 30, 2014

Earned User Content = Marketing Ammo

User generated content is word of mouth king for marketers

Rainmakers know that great content is a key component to any digital marketing initiative, but when that content is user generated, its value multiplies. The travel sector is by nature a social segment as people always want to tell others what a great time they had visiting a destination or how their expectations were not met by the experience. Sites like Tripadvisor understand the value of earned media in the form of reviews so they support a campaign to recognize its most loyal reviewers and community members. The initiative showcases Tripadvisor’s star reviewers and their reviews. Great way to engage users and build credible content. Can't wait to read about all the Super Bowl experiences in New Jersey and New York City!

1 comment:

  1. There are so many great examples of user generated content sites in the travel sector. Tripadvisor is a great place to go for user reviews, but even search aggregators and suppliers now place a high importance on user experiences and product feedback.


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