Thursday, April 5, 2012

These CFOs Are Always On!

Courtesy: Dear World Wide Moms
Now that most brands have embraced social media as an extension of its digital marketing efforts, they're busy learning how to best engage the new Super Consumers. No, they don't wear capes and aren't saving Gotham from jokers and penguins. Super Consumers are 45+ women who influence or make most of the household purchasing decisions. I've always called them the CFOs - Chief Family Officers. As if running the family social calendars, caregiving, doing the household purchasing and gift buying weren't enough (I know I'm missing a few other tasks here), these CFOs now research and shop online for autos, travel, clothing, household goods and investment products. Then they find time to "enjoy" engaging in social platforms that cater to their gaming, gardening and arts and crafts interests. It's no wonder that many brands are trying to find ways to engage with CFOs by providing 
helpful tips and advice on how to improve their busy lives. And these female boomers are fueling the growth in social media, according to the Harris Interactive Poll Fall 2011, to relieve stress and connect with friends and family. Some of the most unique online marketing programs targeting CFOs include integrating brands into games, pages, video and other content. So whether its socializing, gaming, chatting, learning about investment strategies, reading about health issues or planning the next big trip – the fact is female boomers are online in a big way, spending almost 15 hours per week in the digital world. And if you couple that impressive social engagement stat with the fact that women also are reported to control 70 percent of the wealth in the United States, it's no wonder we call them CFOs. They're not just influencing the majority of household purchase decisions, but also their friends, neighbors and family. CFOs have gone viral! 

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