Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Block and Tackle With Social Media

With the April 17 tax filing deadline right around the corner, traditional tax filer providers like HR Block continue to implement digital and social media marketing activities to drive conversions for its digital tax solutions site on the Internet. HR Block is a traditional brand in the conservative financial sector, yet it effectively used social media assets to, not only drive traffic to its digital solutions platform, but also change consumer perceptions about it being an old, offline brand that didn't embrace new era technologies and platforms offering consumers greater efficiencies. HR Block was one of the first in its industry to use Facebook and Twitter to provide immediate access to a tax professional for questions and answers in its “Get It Right” social media campaign. When it was first introduced, the effort secured 1,500,000 unique visitors and generated more than 1 million consumer questions for a 15 percent lift in business versus the prior year when there was no social media campaign in place. Here is some of the original video content HR produced focused on a fictional character named Truman Green, who bungles everyday life activities, but aces his online tax returns because he uses HR Block's digital solutions resources.

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