Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Influence With Vitality & Value

Now that we know Boomers show up as category influencers in a wide variety of product categories, what's the secret on how best to influence them? Boomer marketing hits the mark when Rainmakers create marketing messages that clearly portray the older consumer’s vitality, priorities and relationships, as well as the crucial roles that they play in their families, communities and in society at large. Boomers need you to know who they are and want you to acknowledge their value. The Jeep brand recently targeted grandmothers with a magazine campaign, placing personality and lifestyle front-and-center. The ad featured an image of a fashion-forward woman with copy that read,

“I know you’re only as old as you feel and I still feel 30. I can text but I prefer to talk. I’ll do a bake sale and hit a few trails, too. The grandkids say I’m ‘really cool now’ but what they don’t know is, I always was.”
 Just below that copy appeared Jeep’s tagline, “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep.” Jeep recognized its potential Boomer consumers as individuals, speaking directly to their interests, needs and passions. It was a great example of how to position the brand to tap the Boomer consumer mindset. And they'll surely share their trusted brand experience.

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