Sunday, December 11, 2011

Digital Scams Equal Holiday Blues

It's Digital December! Two weeks of online shopping bonanza lie ahead and odds are you will be the recipient of spam email sometime during this period. But the trick is knowing how to not to fall victim to digital scams. These tips can help keep you vigilant and avoid holiday blues:
  • Avoid clicking links. If you see an online special copy of a product coupon code in the email, type the site’s address directly into your browser's address bar and collect it from original source.
  • Shop at secure sites. Seeing a lock icon on the page doesn’t make it secure. Make sure that the page where you enter your credit card information is https prefaced. (notice the "s")
  • Make sure you understand the website’s privacy policy. Know what retailer intends to do with your personal information once you identify. If the site doesn’t have a privacy policy, avoid providing any information altogether.

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