Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Online Shoppers "Abandon Sale"!

For marketers, e-commerce is all about conversions. Having the right strategy to move the sophisticated online consumer through the sales cycle effectively makes all the difference in the world, especially in today's environment when more people than ever are shopping online. The challenge for marketers is that 40 percent of online customers abandon the shopping cart, according to a recent post shopping experience survey conducted by iPerceptions. That represents a lot of money left on the table. For example, a small business that grosses $1 million in e-commerce sales annually doesn't convert an additional $400,000 in sales. So why are online shoppers checking out early ?  42% said they couldn’t find what they wanted and 30% said the product wasn’t available. Lack of product info and unclear pricing also played a part in the walk-aways. Technical issues, which used to be a big barrier in e-commerce, only represented 2%, so that’s great news for digital marketers. And even if you rainmakers have succeeded in getting online shoppers through to order confirmation, don't surprise them with higher than expected shipping charges and fees, or you'll also get stuck holding their shopping cart. 


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