Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Facebook News Feeds You Can Use

In an effort to focus and promote content sharing, Facebook has changed its news feed algorithm settings. Have you noticed that you're not seeing news feeds from a lot of your Facebook friends ? But you are seeing a lot from certain friends lately ? That's because Facebook changed the news feed default to streams from only those friends you've recently interacted with. You can change that by editing Friends and clicking "All Friends" That gets you back to seeing news feeds from everyone. For Rainmakers, this Facebook move actually makes sense because the platform is really all about digital WOM and content sharing. If you're not doing anything with most news feed streams, that creates an inefficient environment for those who are targeting you via the social media giant. On the other hand, if the platform keeps you seeing content that you're most likely to share, it becomes a lot more efficient as a tool for its advertisers.

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