Monday, November 22, 2010

Will These Bedtime Stories Really Have A Sleep Effect ?

The digital realm has even revolutionized the bedtime story, but will all the interaction really put junior to sleep ? New interactive children's e-books are being published for use on the Apple I-Pad that enable children to tickle their favorite characters, complete a maze or zoom in on a favorite picture. It even allows some tech savvy moms to record their voices reading the story to cover off on the ritual even when they're away on a business trip. The $3.99 titles are initially being sold via the Apple App Store, but will also be available for other tablet products. by year end, there should be 26 titles available. Well known children's book publishers are negotiating with authors and illustrators to obtain digital rights to copyrighted books in order to produce additional titles. Even video components with blackboards and gaming applications are being added to the stories to provide greater richness of content. With all the fun options, it's a wonder parent or child will want to put aside the interactive bedtime stories.

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