Monday, July 20, 2015

Pay At The Car Dashboard

Imagine ordering your family’s fast food at the drive-thru lane and actually paying the bill before you pull up to the window to get your bags of food. Or how about paying for the parking meter before you even get out of your car?

These are just some of the applications that “connected vehicle commerce” will enable you to do. Visa is testing a service that will bring mobile payment capability into your car. Why? As a payment servicer, Visa has the potential of unlocking a whole new platform to entice more customers to use their payment service networks. And since Visa gets paid by transaction, imagine how many more pay days it will have.

While Visa is focusing on making sure the system will be a secure form of payment, as security issues are a huge factor for consumers, the service will potentially be used at various retail facilities, including all of those fuel stops at gasoline stations.

This new car commerce technology has the potential of streamlining certain retail transactions. Just think about what it could have done to ease that long entrance line at the “Drive-In Movies” or help improve transaction times at today’s Sonic drive-in fast food restaurants.


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