Friday, December 28, 2012

Sponsor Moment And Not Just Media

In the multi-screen next stage of media in which brands should align themselves with consumer “journeys” throughout a day, they should be looking for ways to sponsor moments -- instead of just   media. Brands like Toshiba have learned to align its brand identity and valuable content with a compelling event. This week Toshiba launched its third iteration of the annual Times Square Ball app for Google Play and IOS. The useful app is in tune with the brand’s major presence in Times Square, running one of the largest screens in the zone, the Toshiba Zone monitor at One Times Square. The app is a mobile broadcast of the New Year's event. It has its own Webcast live video feed and its hosted ad-free program goes on for six hours with hostess Allison Hagendorf of The CW’s “The Next” and the app-cast complements and extends the music and entertainment programming coming from the Dick Clark legacy show with Ryan Seacrest. Interviews with the Time Square event creators as well as those who traveled from afar to be part of the madness help form its unique content. But content isn't the only thing that set Toshiba's app apart, users also submit images of themselves for possible posting on the Toshiba Times Square screen during the evening. App users can vote on the images that will appear on the live monitor every hour between 7 and 11 p.m. And according to the company, almost 60,000 photos were uploaded last year from the nearly 300,000 downloads of the app across 200 countries. With this app, Toshiba uses the mobile channel as a second screen, an alternative video venue that is effective for revelers away from a first screen or those trapped by the predictable programming someone in their living room insists upon watching. And this is the kind of branding effort that can attach a brand to an experience, not a specific type of media channel.

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