Friday, September 7, 2012

Narrow Conversions With Smart Email

Email remains a crucial component to any good digital marketing toolkit. Rainmakers know that an effective campaign can drive online sales conversions, build traffic and capture new leads. It’s also a great way to shorten longer sales cycles and drive repeat business. Here are three smart email marketing tips that can make a difference in your campaign:

1. Personalizing an email with the recipient's first name in the salutation is great, but it's not what customization is really all about. If you want to truly personalize your messages, use a segmentation strategy. Delivering the most relevant marketing content to your customers based on behavioral targeting will usually generate the greatest impact and help overcome response challenges.

2. It's true that consumers need to receive more than one email from you to finally take your requested action, but it's not necessary to follow the Rule of Seven - the notion that a prospect typically must see your marketing message seven times before he/she will convert to a sale. Do your own experimentation and figure out what works for your product campaigns.

3. In today's Rainmaker world, it's more about quality than quantity in your marketing database. What good is it to have 5,000 entries, if more than 25 percent are "dead weight" and never open or click through your campaigns? Think more in terms of capturing the audience that wants to hear your message. Use double opt-in to strengthen your email list. With double opt-in, subscribers take an extra step to actually subscribe. This tactic may seem counterproductive, but it it's a more effective way of building your customer email lists.

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