Saturday, August 25, 2012

List, Optimize and Track Yelp Profiles

Once you've created a Yelp profile to help increase your local business online search results and rankings and you've optimized your listing features, it's time to monitor and track your profile's effectiveness. Using your Yelp dashboard, gain access to detailed behind-the-scenes metrics about your listing’s performance. The dashboard enables you to gather key insights, track the level of incoming traffic and number of times your business shows up on searches. Tracking “user actions” gives you an even closer look at how visitors are engaging with your business on Yelp by monitoring things like clicks to your website, mobile check-ins, and photos uploaded.

One of the most important things business owners can gain through tracking, is knowledge about what is the best day of the week to run a special or gauge how important having a mobile website is for its visitors. Another idea is to run a Yelp Deal, which allows you to offer coupons, making your listing more attractive and establishing a great way to document your return on investment. 

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