Monday, May 7, 2012

An Army of Instagram Photographers

Actress Selena Gomez Instagram
There are more than 40 million people now using the photo sharing app Instagram, with other photo-sharing networks such as PicYou, and Tadaa also growing in popularity. That's an army of mobile photographers Rainmakers should harness, especially if what you're promoting has a highly visual element. Product launches, events, exhibitions, pre and post-show screenings are just some of the examples where carefully selected Instagram-wielding social influencers can form part of an image sharing campaign that can boost consumer awareness, increase ticket sales and generate publicity. You can guide participants to specific photo opportunities that you want to focus on, create a hashtag for easy monitoring on Twitter and pull in Instagram's API to display the images on your own site. You could even create physical signs with social media prompts ("this is a good photography spot, use this hashtag" etc) to guide participants. Instagram and other photo sharing apps encourage image syndication across multiple social media channels, so the exposure multiplies quickly.

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