Monday, January 23, 2012

The NFL's Social Play

The NFL's social play includes a site where fans can predict what happens during live broadcast Just before New York Giants player Devin Thomas recovered the fumble to set up his team for the 31-yard winning field goal in over time on Sunday night, there were thousands of NFL fans predicting what would happen next on the League's social networking platform called The site hosts the NFL's national play calling contest where fans participate to win prizes in realtime and rub in their success with a little trash talk on live chats with friends and other players. The instant point leaderboard reflects who's got the best prediction sense. The NFL's decision to launch the site is yet another proof point that younger digital natives are interacting and engaging with multiple screens during live televised events. And of course they can share their online NFL experience with friends across their own social networks. In a year where the NFL's traditional TV ratings dropped somewhat, social media and digital marketing efforts have kept the brand's reign strong. Super Bowl XLVI is set with a rematch of the Giants against the New England Patriots, a la Yankees vs. Red Sox style. There will be millions watching the game, the commercials and halftime entertainment, but in digital raindance style, eyeballs will dart from the tablet, smartphone or laptop to the traditional screen. And the predictions, the "I told you sos" and subsequent celebrations will be shared beyond living rooms and sports bars. It's a new -social- game!

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