Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bricks to Clicks - The Mobile Evolution

The early Novatel HandPortable wireless phone was later referred to as the brick phone
The early Novatel HandPortable (circa 1990) wireless phone
 was later referred  to as the "Brick" phone
Mobile is forecast as the fastest-growing advertising platform in 2012, with an expected 44% growth over last year's total ad spend. With Presidential and Congressional elections and the Summer Olympics, there'll be an overall increase in advertising spending this year. Marketers are developing mobile optimized screen ads to target an ever increasing population of consumers accessing everything from their phones. Who could have thought our early "brick" wireless phones used simply to speak to one another while away from the office or home, would evolve to be the most useful personal technology gadget of the early 21st Century.
Today, we can see each other while speaking, send quick text messages to one another, send and post photos we take with - yes our phones. We can snap photos of product bar codes and get instant information on deals nearby, log in to our favorite applications to get instant weather, news updates. And we can even learn how to get somewhere we've never been by simply following oral driving directions. It's no wonder that with that wide range of applications, digital rainmakers know you'll take action on those clever marketing messages you see flashing next to your favorite entertainment blog or popup discount offer when you're within range of your favorite store. With mobile advertising leading the charge, Internet media revenues grew by 21.4% in 2011 and now account for 18.2% of overall advertising budgets.

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