Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ad Targeting Based On Social Behavior

Publishers work hard to create compelling content that attracts readers and generates followers and they're validated each time someone shares that good content. Of course, many publishers are also looking to complement validation with lucrative compensation. Contextual advertising like the ads served up on this blog by Google AdSense focus on subject relevancy, but a new social sharing platform called will increase ad targeting on sites like mine based on content being shared. This type of behavioral targeting  platform, while giving readers and followers another way to share across Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Google+ and multiple other popular networks, also provides publishers with a more precise method of monetizing their content and collecting data about how it's being shared.
The ad pop-ups that serve up when someone clicks on a share button are specifically related to the content shared. If there is a click-through on the pop-up ad, 100 percent of that revenue goes to the publisher. Keeping a site or blog fresh with new, optimized content has search engine rankings rewards, and now the sharing of that content will have monetized rewards too.

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