Monday, November 7, 2011

Real-Time Analytics Hyper Optimize

I teach a college marketing class and my students are often amazed by how much information marketers routinely collect from their casual surfing of brand sites. Marketing optimization can get really interesting when individual consumers can be uniquely targeted. For instance, when a 34-year-old working mother and brand customer visits a brand's website, cookie-based data can tell an incredibly rich story about her that can allow the brand marketer to "hyper-optimize". The idea is to "see" the website visitor as a specific consumer with a relevant past - meaning she has a transactional history with the brand consisting of all her past purchases, as well as a track record of reactions to marketing campaigns. Taken a step further, wouldn't it be exciting if the next email sent by the brand contained references to the content she's just consumed, as well as suggestions about a next logical purchase based on past purchase history? And suppose an offer included in the email was tailored specifically to her needs and desires based on real-time analytics. That's the potential real-time analytics can deliver for marketing optimization. The beauty of optimized campaigns is that they can be incredibly powerful for Rainmakers, and encouraging for the consumer, who no longer feels like just another face in the crowd.

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