Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Digital's Influence Inside The Store

It's Black Friday month and holiday shoppers will begin to venture out in droves. But digital marketing continues to be a strong purchase influence even after retailers have lured consumers into their bricks and mortar storefront. A recent Performics study conducted by ROI Research revealed that 62 percent of participants said they conduct competitive price searches while in a retail location. More than 45 percent check in at a digital storefront, 41 percent use a search engine on their mobile phone to research product information, and 30 percent use a barcode scanner on their mobile phone to shop for prices. Interestingly, the study also indicated that 25 percent pause while at a physical retail location prior to finalizing a purchase to find advice on a social network, and 41 percent said they wait between five and 10 minutes for advice on social sites before finalizing their purchase. And once the purchase is made, 59 percent said they were more likely to sign on to social networks, such as Facebook, immediately after the purchase to share their experience.

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