Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go Mobile With Website

Simplicity and user friendly features are key
It's not enough these days to have a website presence online, especially since a growing majority of your existing and potential new customers are not sitting in front of a computer to access your site. Today's society is highly mobile, not just in the broader sense of moving around the country, but in accessing all types of online content from their smartphones or tablets. And when someone is mobile, they expect an entirely different experience from the one they get on your standard website. Rainmakers take note. Your standard website is not sufficient in today's mobile world. Digital marketers must develop a unique mobile site with user friendly touch points and buttons for easy navigation. Mobile visitors are typically looking for easily visible directions to your store or location, a click-to-call phone number or a map of your store locations. They’re not looking for lengthy staff bios or PDFs of your latest press releases. But even though you'll need to streamline your mobile site, you'll still want to maintain the same branding elements of your standard site. This is important because your mobile site is a brand touchpoint and, like any other platform, it should reflect your brand essence. The first step in creating a mobile site is giving some thought to the content you’ll include, remembering the screen size. It’s also important to keep the steps involved in going from entry point to purchase as simple as possible. And there are many other considerations you should keep in mind in going mobile. Here are four basic things you should also do:

1. Utilize white space
2. Avoid flash or java
3. Reduce amount of text entry necessary
4. Avoid using pop-up windows

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