Friday, October 28, 2011

Digital Rainmaking Beats TV In UK

It's official - in the United Kingdom at least - that digital marketing now delivers a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) and sales uplift than television advertising, according to a recent study of 8,000 households in the UK by global research firm GfK. The firm was ccommissioned to look at the effectiveness of cross-media campaigns for eight unidentified mass consumer goods brands in conjunction with Google. Gfk’s Media Efficiency Panel evaluated eight ad campaigns to measure the effects of cross-media advertising on short-term sales, as well as to assess the return on investment. It found that online marketing consistently delivered higher sales uplift than offline, with the average uplift on a single contact with an online ad was 9%, compared to 7% for TV. The panel also found significant reach by digital campaigns to consumers not exposed to TV advertising. At least 46% of those exposed to ads on YouTube and other online videos had no contact with corresponding TV ads.

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