Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Value of QR Codes

It looks like a lottery scratch off or an ink blotch, but it won't be too long before everyone recognizes QR (quick response). They've been all the rage in mobile marketing campaigns and consumers are starting to see them in print advertisements, storefronts and, yes, even on business cards. So, how do QR codes help Rainmakers ? Here are several practical uses of QR technology:

Leveraging the popularity of QR codes in mobile, digital marketers can offer customers an incentive for completing a brief survey, such as a giveaway or contest. This enables businesses to collect emails and phone numbers to use in future campaigns.

Expanding your social media brand following

Maybe you prefer to build a more robust social network of customers, opting to drive consumers to your Facebook brand page or Twitter stream where you'll be able to create a ‘like’ or follow for your brand and opt-ins to your updates. Soon the QR code snippet itself will enable an automatic Facebook ‘like’.

Digitizing the business card

Even in this digital age, businesses cards still have an impact and connecting them digitally can generate some benefits. The printed QR code can produce direct traffic to a new company initiative, tradeshow appearance or an online webinar series.

Generating online interaction in print advertising

Many advertisers are using QR codes in ads to stimulate digital engagement and online brand interaction. The great thing about QR codes in ads is that it provides Rainmakers a great metric moment. More effective campaigns will tend to produce better QR conversions.

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