Monday, January 10, 2011

Palm Reading Goes High Tech

Who can forget actor Tom Cruise's memorable scene in the 2002 blockbuster movie "Minority Report " when he replaced his own eyeball with that of another human whose retina scan provided access to an unauthorized area. Believe it or not, retina scanning, as reliable as it appears, is not the strongest form of human identification. Neither is fingerprinting. Degenerative eye disease, skin abrasions, injury have knocked them both off the "Mission Impossible" script, in favor of Palm Vein readers. Facing increasing business issues in insurance fraud, security breaches, hospitals and other medical facilities have upgraded their digital patient identification systems to eliminate identity issues in the provision of healthcare services. Because vein patterns exist inside of the body and are unique in every human being, PalmVein readers such as the M2-PalmVein™ used throughout Memorial Healthcare facilities in South Florida, creates a digital image of a person's palm based on the individual's unique vein and blood flow patterns. Once a patient's palm has "been read", a simple placement over a small desktop scanner provides accurate identification and retrieval of personalized medical records.

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