Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shake It Like A Polaroid!

In yet another example of how mature brands are evolving their marketing approach, Polaroid now has a branded iPhone application that simulates the Polaroid instant photo experience, by putting the classic white border around iPhone photos. The App, which is available for $1.99, offers four distinct styles to apply to iPhone images: black and white, vintage, colorized and digital and allows users to add handwriting-style text to the bottom of the photo and share those photos via e-mail or social networking sites, as well as to the company's "Polaroid Studio" cloud storage site. The fun part is that users have to shake or blow on the phone's screen for the picture to develop, just as people had done with traditional Polaroid pictures. The App tactic is part of Polaroid's new marketing platform, "Made in Polaroid," which encouraged people to showcase their creative photos on its revamped website.

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