Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kraft's Laugh Strategy

For busy women who love to go online to learn about new recipes, Kraft Foods has cooked up a branded Raindance strategy that gives customers a chance to laugh and learn. The short video series, dubbed “You Gotta LOL,” features Anita Renfroe, a stay-at-home mom turned comedian. It is part of the food giant’s effort to engage with consumers directly and includes all of your favorite Kraft food brands like Wheat Thins, Oreo, Kool-Aid, Chips Ahoy! and Jell-O. In one of 18 video episodes focused on Chips Ahoy!, Renfroe addresses women’s obsession with chocolate. Renfroe jokes: “All females have known this intuitively for years because chocolate belongs to the four food groups that females believe in: depression, elation, ovulation and PM-ation.” At the end, all the videos direct consumers to The company plans to launch a new video each week and they will be promoted via Kraft's customer channel website at, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

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