Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's All About Entertainment At Myspace

Myspace has a brand new look and user experience that goes beyond just the building of a social network of friends. With a new brand, Myspace has rolled out a beta website that offers Gen Y users (16-25) a rich, highly-personalized entertainment experience focused on music, celebrities, movies, television, and games available through multiple platforms, including online, mobile devices and offline events. Of course, one of the most exciting features of the new Myspace is that Gen Y users will be able to connect, share with others who have similar entertainment interests. With entertainment as one of the known cultural points to effectively reach Hispanic consumers, the redesign is expected to be particularly attractive to the fast-growing bicultural young Hispanic market segment who make up 18 percent of the U.S. Gen Y population. Hispanic youth are not only the country’s fastest-growing market segment, but are also early adopters to social media and characterized as being trend setters and technology savvy. 
The redesigned Myspace welcome page will showcase fresh content in real-time and once a user logs in the page will instantly populate with the individual’s personalized content. Some of the most interesting elements of the new Myspace user content include a Right now on Myspace feature which shows trending content in real-time, helping fans find recently added music and videos, and lets them listen or watch right from the interactive chart. Discovery Tab is an always-accessible tab which combines videos that friends are watching with what’s trending in real-time on Myspace.  Badges is a feature that recognizes and rewards fans for their social activity around entertainment topics on the site and promotes them with badges – graphic icons that appear in a user’s stream. As a complement to the online experience, Myspace will also soon release a mobile version of the beta site, accessible on any mobile browser. A new Myspace app for iPhone and Android devices will follow later this year. While the newly-designed Myspace begins rolling out today in beta format, it will be available to all users worldwide by the end of November. To learn more about the new Myspace, you can visit

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  1. The new video rich Myspace offers a more appealing, visual platform. What do you think ? What do you like best ?


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