Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Power Sells Product On Facebook

Innovative rainmakers at a digital advertising firm called have convinced a handful of global brands that celebrity posting and comments on its Facebook branded pages will help move the sales needle. Small retail brand, PetFlow, has already leveraged's automated platform via reality show star Heidi Montag's Facebook page. The star's account posted the following message this week: "Just found, they deliver pet food right to my door for free! No more lugging heavy bags!". 

This new star power social media endorsement platform is being taken seriously by celebrities and companies alike.'s platform enables celebrities, athletes, or other popular personalities place ads into their social activity posting streams. Other celebrities participating in this new product endorsement format include skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, NBA basketball player Paul Pierce, comedic talk show host Stephen Colbert, and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky. The celebrities get compensated for the commercial posts on a pay-per-message model.
Payments are based on an equation that includes: their number of followers/fans/friends on a social site; how often they tweet or post, and engagement achieved (number of replies, re-tweets, click-throughs, etc.). Endorsements posts by celebrities for major brands should begin appearing on Facebook within the next three or four weeks.

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