Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome To The Dance - Facebook Places

I've posted about geo-targeting previously to introduce how companies like Foursquare and others are leveraging consumers' whereabouts to provide offers, incentives on mobile platforms, but geo-targeting has now moved into a powerful "rainmaking" phase.With Facebook and its 150 million mobile friends now able to check-in everywhere they go with Facebook Places, The Digital Raindance is now really on!

For most of us who have already dabbled on Facebook, building our friends lists, re-connecting with old friends and school mates, we're completely aware of its social networking power and influence. With Facebook Places, those same friends will serve as ambassadors to locations they frequent and enjoy. Therefore, a huge word of mouth marketing wave will provide location-based marketers with exciting new ways to connect with existing and potential new customers.

So with a few clicks on your mobile handset, you can tell your followers what entrees to enjoy at a particular dining establishment, what special discounts are being offered at your favorite retailer or what free giveaways are being provided at an event. Facebook Places will also allow you to read the same from your friends, probably creating more impromptu gatherings with friends if you happen to be in the same general vicinity! And that's music to the ears of Digital Rainmakers, who will keep those mobile coupons and check-in rewards coming!

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