Friday, August 13, 2010

The Tweet That Bears Gifts

Think about this: You’re sitting by the water at a South Beach resort, when you decide to tweet a picture of where you are to your friends at their offices. A few minutes later, the concierge shows up with a free coupon for a spa treatment, saying “thanks for the tweet.” Can you guess what your next tweet will say about this resort ? That’s the type of customer response hotels and resorts are moving toward with new Internet monitoring tools that help companies monitor what people are saying about them on social networks and review sites. @Wired, Revinate is the application that hotels are turning to see how they and their competitors are being praised or critiqued. Important stuff when you consider that, according to ComScore, online reviews influence 87 percent of people looking to book hotel rooms. It's like having a 24/7 electronic town hall meeting to get feedback about every aspect of the consumer's hotel stay. So with the powerful social media feedback, hotel operators can find out if guests like the ambiance in its restaurant more than they do the design of its pool cabanas.

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