Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Well, Get Educated!

As doctor visit wait times keep getting longer and longer, digital marketers have awakened to a whole new way of getting eyeballs on their products and services. And with the recession affecting even physicians, they've convinced many doctor's offices to generate additional income by replacing "All My Children" with a Point-of-Care Network running on a loop.

With Reach Media Group's recent announcement that it is expanding its Point-of-Care network via an advertising partnership with TV network Everwell to reach consumers in the waiting rooms of doctor offices and retail pharmacies, rainmakers have the ability to reach @MediaBuyerPlanner consumers who are totally focused on learning more about health care and health-related issues and treatments.

With Everwell on board, RMG's Point-of-Care Network now has 1,700 screens and 6 million monthly viewers. These numbers will no doubt continue to dramatically increase as more physicians become interested in providing the network's original content to its patients.

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