Monday, May 10, 2010

Art of the Raindance

Welcome to The Digital Raindance, a marketing blog dedicated to unraveling the myriad of cyber tools today’s classical marketers have at their disposal in the practice of rainmaking.

In ancient agrarian economies, the rainmaker was one of the most important members of society. The rainmaker possessed a gift and that unique talent helped his tribe flourish and prosper. Native Americans were strong believers in raindance ceremonies and they wore special costumes, each color representing an important element of the rainmaking process. Armed with burlap sacks, travelling suitcases and leather briefcases, 20th century rainmakers were the driving force behind America’s industrial rise to prominence and later its leadership in technology innovation. As we entered the global information age and an explosion in entrepreneurialism, Corporate America became understandably passionate about screening hires for only those possessing the unique talent.

The art of rainmaking continues to thrive today, only those making the magic rely on data packets racing through communications networks and onto the digital screens of recipients, who are increasingly being influenced to act upon the enticing cyber content they’re receiving. While e-commerce flourished with the advent of Internet-enabled online storefronts, it was only the beginning of an era that has transformed consumerism as we knew it prior to the first pizza purchased online in 1994.

Today, the online purchase of product or influencing behavior that drives the onsite transaction is the culmination of a complex digital raindance that drives consumption through online brand experiences, lifestyle connections, customized interactions and offerings and word of mouth advocacy. The modern-day rainmaker understands this and uses his digital arsenal with precision. In fact, a 2010 Multichannel Merchant survey of those businesses looking to revamp their websites found that more than 55 percent of respondents cited adding more social media tools as the most important factor in their decision.

In addition, the c-suite has a new executive – Chief Digital Officer (CDO). New York City is one of the first municipalities in the country now looking to hire a CDO to implement a digital marketing strategy aimed at boosting economic development and tourism, among other things.

While many of us excelled in marketing careers pre-digital age, our continued success depends upon our adoption of new techniques and strategies. The goal of my blog is to bridge the knowledge gap, removing fear of the unknown, motivating us all to embrace the digital marketing evolution by delivering the necessary intelligence to move into the Chief Digital Officer’s suite and be the best digital rainmaker we can be.

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