Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Curious Boomers Less Likely To "Like"

A recent SocialCode study on Facebook advertising, which included examining more than  four million data points from a wide variety of industries, showed that Boomer generation consumers have a much higher click-through rate on ads with a "Like" button than younger Facebook users. More than 28 percent of  Boomers (50+) click through the ads and are 9 percent less likely to immediately hit the "Like" button on the ads than their 18-29 year old Millennial counterparts. So Boomers are more curious, but less committal to brand pages. Millennials seem to be quicker on the "Like" trigger if they like the creativity and message on the ad itself. And in general, women are 11 percent  more likely to click on a Facebook ad. So, if you're using Facebook ads to attract Boomer consumers, you'll most likely need to have compelling enough content on landing pages or Facebook fan pages to get parents and grandparents to "Like" you. 

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